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Day 27 – Getting Healthy

It’s been a while since I’ve updated here. I’m on cruise control these days and I don’t think about my diet too much now. I’ve fully acclimated to >1,000 calories per day and quite bland food.

One of the interesting things is that I don’t crave delicious food as much as I did early on. I’m quite content with little 100 calorie meals. It’s easier.

I get a lot of apologies about what other people order and it really doesn’t phase me anymore. What other people don’t realize is that this is my reality right now, I (nor my body) don’t expect to taste or eat a lot of bad food.

I suppose having a hard deadline like my wedding is a great motivator. I’m good with things like that. I’ve never missed a deadline when building websites and when I was a swimmer, my deadline was the “big race”. I like the challenge and it motivates me to stick with the task at hand.

Here are the quick numbers since I started the diet.

  • Started at 207.6 lbs October 22nd
  • Lost +9lbs the first week.
  • Today I weighed in at 188.2
  • I’ve lost a total of 19.4 pounds
  • I’m fitting into all my clothes now
  • Shirts don’t bunch in my armpits anymore.

I guess low calories and a sugarless diet can help you lose weight quite fast.

Day 10 – Energy

I weighed in at 198.0 pounds this morning. A week ago Wednesday, I weighed 207.6 pounds. Losing nine and a half pounds in that short of time is pretty awesome. It’s pretty motivating.

Something very interesting I’ve experienced doing this diet an increase in energy. Now, like many things in the english language, energy comes in many different forms.

For example, I don’t feel tired often. At night, I know it’s time to sleep but other than that, I have energy. Now, if I were to try and run, I would fall over because my diet is less than 1,000 calories and I don’t have energy. When I wake up in the morning, my mind is clear and I don’t experience any lag in my thinking.

I don’t know what the difference is scientifically, but it’s a remarkable feeling to spend all day at work and still have all kinds of mental and physical energy to do other things in my day.

When this diet is over, I have to give up sugar. I have to be diligent in making sure it’s not in my diet. I don’t know if sugar is the exact reason for my usual sluggishness, but I know it doesn’t help. So it’s gotta go.

It won’t be easy, but I don’t want to lose this feeling. I almost feel youthful again.

Day 7 – Good News

I’m mostly through my seventh day on this diet. It’s been a lot of fun seeing such rapid results and I’m currently on cruise control.

My current total weight loss is 7.8 pounds. I’m starting to experience subtle but definite changes in how my clothes are fitting. The pants I’m wearing are slightly baggier and the shirt I’ve got on doesn’t bunch in some places like it used to.

Like my coach said, once I get through the grueling first few days, then motivation to stay on the diet is easy because you’re seeing results.

I highly doubt this rate of weight loss will keep up. I’m on such a low caloric diet that it’s not totally possible to go out an work out.

One of the neat things I’ve noticed since starting is that the work week is a little easier to lose the weight. This is just an assumption but, my guess is that it’s because I work at a stand up desk most of the day. I burn a few extra calories where most people are sedentary.

Over the weekend was tough for me. We were out with friends on Saturday and Sandy’s sister spent Sunday and Monday with us.

On Saturday we went up to Julian (a small mountain town not far from San Diego) and picked pumpkins. The plan was to meet at the pumpkin patch, then everyone was going to go eat pizza and apple pie (which is what Julian is famous for). Instead of torturing myself, we decided we would leave right after the we picked some pumpkins.

Well, plans changed during the hour and fifteen minute drive up and we were eating pizza, first thing. Aaahhhh!! One of my favorite junk foods and I have to watch.

For the best results on this diet, it’s best to stick to it strictly. Knowing myself pretty well, one slip up can sometimes mean a downhill spiral. I could have ordered a salad, but there’s usually cheese, bread and sugar somewhere in there. I didn’t need, it. I could drink my ice water and be happy. And I was.

The results are showing and it’s exciting. I’m at the point where I’ll be posting less and less about this. It’s become normal to me and it’s not very hard. One hundred ounces of water a meal every two and a half hours and I’m good.

Getting Healthy: Day 3

What a difference a couple days make! I’m feeling good this morning. I had pancaked early on and oatmeal not too long ago.

My friend, Chris, who has TSFL in the past recommended getting in 50 ounces by noon. That’s a great tip. I’m all about short term goals. I’m just about there, now. I’ve noticed it’s easier to keep up the water at work than at home. I guess that’s because I’d rather not be focused on what I’m working on. Also, I work at standup desk, so it’s easy to grab a quick glass of water.

A big test today

We’ve got a team lunch today. Obviously, I can’t partake. Generally, we like to eat greasy fatty foods that won’t jive with what I’m trying to accomplish. I’ll drink a shake before and after and suck it up.

Early Results

I’ve only been on the diet for two days. I’ve jumped on the scale both days and I’m liking what I’m seeing. I’m not getting too excited yet, but I’ve lost 3.5 pounds already. I weighed myself in the same clothes and at the same time in the morning.

The hardest part

So far the hardest part was the headaches and the lack of energy. I haven’t felt much a headache today and I’ve not felt lethargic at all. I miss a few things, but when I see the scale the next morning, I’m glad I held off and resisted.

I don’t know if it’s coincidence but my sense of smell has been enhanced 10x. It’s the worst. I could smell eggs, bacon, peppers and onions. My stomach is growling just thinking about it. I guess that’s the disadvantage of working next to the Broken Yolk.

I can’t wait for my clothes to fit better and to be able to run/workout with more ease. It’s really just a matter of time. I think I’m through the hardest part, honestly.

Getting Healthy: Day 2

10:02am update
Last night was a little rough. I could definitely feel a lag in body and my thinking. I went to bed before 10pm and was asleep within minutes.

I finished out the evening with some chicken and asparagus. There wasn’t much on the plate though. It made me realize something about gourmet food.

You know when you go to a reeallly nice restaurant and the portions the dish out are pretty small? My dinner size compared to that feeling. It got me thinking though. That really small portion size is probably the nice restaurants give is probably the appropriate size we should be eating, anyway.

When I was in Thailand last year, I noticed the size of a Snickers bar at 7-11. I’m sure they’re a bit expensive to have shipped to Thailand, but they’re only slightly bigger than the bite sized candies we get at Halloween.

Anyway, today I’ve had a soft bake cookie, which was ok and the vanilla shake, which was great! I’m going to have some left-overs this afternoon and we’ll see how the rest of the day goes.

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