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Bryan Monzon

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Something Different and New – Photography

Sandy and I were texting back and forth about the idea of working together becoming photographers.

I like the idea. I’m not excited about weddings, but it can be a great catalyst for other things. I like the idea of working with Sandy and having some freedom throughout the week.

What I’d love to be doing is taking photos like Chris Burkard. Here are some examples of his beautiful work:

Surfing through it seemed like the easiest option. @bennyboosh

A photo posted by ChrisBurkard (@chrisburkard) on

Perfect mornings on Maligne Lake. Jasper , Canada Anyone been there? @nakedplanet

A photo posted by ChrisBurkard (@chrisburkard) on

Troll hunting.. // @briantreit @arcteryx

A photo posted by ChrisBurkard (@chrisburkard) on

Enough time on the road has taught me that the best camera truly is the one you have with you. If there is one thing I always have on me.. It's my phone. Not because I need to be connected but since documenting the world around me is my favorite thing to do.. And that is the easiest way to do it. I would have never thought that some of my favorite images I have ever shot have would have been with a camera phone. Those split second moments that just happen all the sudden… To quick to pull out a camera. I have been using @olloclip lenses for the iPhone for the last 2 years and it has changed the way I shoot on the road. I am sharing some favorite iPhone images from my last trip to New Zealand on @olloclip 's account .. Check it out.

A photo posted by ChrisBurkard (@chrisburkard) on

If we’re a success, great! It’ll be fun working together to see if we can turn it into something. We have a lot of what we need already. Just gotta become more polished on the technical side.

Back to Back Injuries

In February, I hurt my shoulder snowboarding. I wasn’t doing anything cool. Just caught an edge in a narrow section that had a thin layer of snow. 6 weeks I was out.

It was tough to do anything triathlon related. Swimming was out. I could barely lift my arm above my shoulder. I couldn’t depend on my shoulder to carry any weight. That meant cycling was out. I thought maybe I could run. Nope. The jostling caused a bunch of pain.

Fast forward a few months and where am I? Still hurt. This time my foot is injured again. I don’t exactly know how it happened. I started running a couple of times and felt a knot in my heel. Plantar fasciitis is what they tell me. Pissed off is what I am.

The range of emotion I’ve felt the past 7 months is insane. I lost a bunch of weight, got married, started training and I injured myself. The injury sent me into a bit of frustrations, anger and depression. I gained some of that weight back and so, I’m going to be going back on the diet soon.

I want so bad to race. I thought this was definitely the year, but it’s not to be. If I do get to race, it won’t be anything significant. Just a fun race here and there.

Gotta keep my head up. But it’s not easy.

The Perfect Scenario

I had a moment to reflect before a meeting this morning. It wasn’t long at all. Maybe 10 minutes at most. I wrote it down in my notebook but I thought it would be good to record it here as well.

The more I head down this path of learning what I’m most passionate about things become more clear to me. Things like what makes happy and gives me life. Things like what is a struggle and prevents me from pursuing what I love.

I might have written this here before but a long time ago, my good friend James Pearson asked me what my passion was. Without hesitation, it was coaching. The quickness at which I responded actually shocked me a bit.

Coaching for a living seemed like something for people who were good enough to coach college and the pros. In swimming there really wasn’t a professional world, so college was it for me. I quickly realized though that getting into coaching at the college was incredibly hard. There aren’t many jobs and more were going away as programs shut down. So I never really gave it a thought, coaching in college.

High school was great at the time. Early twenties with little responsibility and a flexible schedule. I could totally leave work at 2pm for practice and then come back after. The further along in my career, the less that was possible. My passion for coaching didn’t seem possible to do full time but at least I know it was in my heart of hearts back then.

All that is to say I really did care about coaching but didn’t think it would ever be possible to support myself on. Fast forward over a decade and I’m here. I’m starting this triathlon business and I’m close to figuring out a way to do this, just in the context of triathlons instead of just swimming.

This morning I thought to myself, “triathlon coaching has everything for me that has made me happy over the years”. I’ll list out what I’ve experienced over the past couple weeks and months.

  • Coaching itself really makes me happy. I love the interaction with athletes and challenging them, supporting than being their biggest fan.
  • I love swimming. I love cycling. I’ve come to love running. Whether I’m coaching or doing it myself, I love it.
    Websites. Running a business requires a website. It’s unique for me to be able to work on a website for myself. It fulfills that deep need to be analytic but also practical.
  • Design. Though I didn’t design the site, I still deal with it for the business. Whether it’s the site, business cards, or images for Facebook and Twitter. I love that I get to use my design skills and it satisfies that need to be creative. Maybe even start a clothing line 😉
  • Photography. I’m getting to do some great photography. I didn’t think I’d ever get to utilize it much again but photos are a crucial part of telling Victory Tri’s story.
  • Video. I’m not doing much yet, but I have ideas. I’m looking forward to using this skill again
  • Writing. I’ve had a love of writing for a long time. I don’t do it enough, but generating content is a big part of marketing these days and I’m enjoying the challenge of writing. I hope I’m growing as a writer and am becoming an effective communicator through that medium.
  • Business. Something about business intrigues me. I like figuring it out. I think it’s the feeling of freedom it can bring.

I’m excited to continue pursuing this endeavor. I’m giving it my best shot with what I have. We’ll see where I am in a year. I don’t know yet if it’s truly the perfect scenario but it sure seems like it.


Slowing Things Down

I’m sitting here at the Jamba Juice. I’m writing a post on my iPhone and I don’t really have anywhere to be. 

I just finished watching some of the Spring Sprint triathlon held in Mission Bay. It’s a short race with a lot of participants. It was inspiring though and I’m glad I went. 

As an adult I tend to rush a lot. There are so many things I want to do and get done in life and there’s not enough time to do it all.  

I remember while I was in college I would have breaks in between classes. I would take a nap in my car or just sit on a bench outside of a Starbucks. At the time I was bored. But today, I long for more moments like that. I long to have time to think about stuff, to slow down and process everything. 

In the middle of the triathlon I paused for a minute to watch the kids race start. It’s alway fun to watch them get so excited and work so hard. It’s such a pure emotion on their face. 

In the first group of 9-10 year old boys there was a little blow up raft with a boy in it. My first thought was “aw, his dad is helping him experience the race”. But then I realized it wasn’t his dad towing him, it was his 9 or 10 year old brother! 

Spring Sprint

A 9 or 10 year old towing his disabled brother.

Seeing things like that recalibrate you. It’s an inspiring reminder that you’re not alone. Sometimes you are the one that needs to be towed and other times it’s up to you support others. 

I want to be humble enough to accept the love and support of others and strong enough to carry them when they’re in need. 

Seeing this boy work his ass off reminded me how much we need each other to get through life. It doesn’t matter always the speed to get through it all but that we’re working together to do it. 

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