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Getting Healthy: Day 3

What a difference a couple days make! I’m feeling good this morning. I had pancaked early on and oatmeal not too long ago.

My friend, Chris, who has TSFL in the past recommended getting in 50 ounces by noon. That’s a great tip. I’m all about short term goals. I’m just about there, now. I’ve noticed it’s easier to keep up the water at work than at home. I guess that’s because I’d rather not be focused on what I’m working on. Also, I work at standup desk, so it’s easy to grab a quick glass of water.

A big test today

We’ve got a team lunch today. Obviously, I can’t partake. Generally, we like to eat greasy fatty foods that won’t jive with what I’m trying to accomplish. I’ll drink a shake before and after and suck it up.

Early Results

I’ve only been on the diet for two days. I’ve jumped on the scale both days and I’m liking what I’m seeing. I’m not getting too excited yet, but I’ve lost 3.5 pounds already. I weighed myself in the same clothes and at the same time in the morning.

The hardest part

So far the hardest part was the headaches and the lack of energy. I haven’t felt much a headache today and I’ve not felt lethargic at all. I miss a few things, but when I see the scale the next morning, I’m glad I held off and resisted.

I don’t know if it’s coincidence but my sense of smell has been enhanced 10x. It’s the worst. I could smell eggs, bacon, peppers and onions. My stomach is growling just thinking about it. I guess that’s the disadvantage of working next to the Broken Yolk.

I can’t wait for my clothes to fit better and to be able to run/workout with more ease. It’s really just a matter of time. I think I’m through the hardest part, honestly.

Getting Healthy: Day 2

10:02am update
Last night was a little rough. I could definitely feel a lag in body and my thinking. I went to bed before 10pm and was asleep within minutes.

I finished out the evening with some chicken and asparagus. There wasn’t much on the plate though. It made me realize something about gourmet food.

You know when you go to a reeallly nice restaurant and the portions the dish out are pretty small? My dinner size compared to that feeling. It got me thinking though. That really small portion size is probably the nice restaurants give is probably the appropriate size we should be eating, anyway.

When I was in Thailand last year, I noticed the size of a Snickers bar at 7-11. I’m sure they’re a bit expensive to have shipped to Thailand, but they’re only slightly bigger than the bite sized candies we get at Halloween.

Anyway, today I’ve had a soft bake cookie, which was ok and the vanilla shake, which was great! I’m going to have some left-overs this afternoon and we’ll see how the rest of the day goes.

Getting Healthy: Day 1

Woke up feeling hungry and wanting a bowl of Cheerios. I’m supposed to eat within 30 minutes of waking up. That’s tough. I’m also supposed to consume something every 2 and a half hours. Remembering to eat that often is also tough.

I need to drink 100 ounces of water per day. It’s fine, it just feels like I have to pee every 25 minutes. In the documentation it said I could drink sugar free sparkling water. This is a lifesaver as it’s the only flavor my taste buds get. I found Sparkling Ice drinks which are sugar free at Target. This will likely be my go to.

I think I’m going to stop drinking coffee. I don’t need it. I don’t have much of a headache right now, nor an addiction to it. But I don’t think it’s really necessary. I like giving up stuff like this once in a while so that my body gets a break and I’m never dependent on it.

For the most part, I’m feeling good. Having had experience with less (juicing), overall it’s pretty easy and going well. I’m sure I’ll get a bit exhausted later in the day, but so far, I’m fine with how I feel.

I might update in the comments throughout the day if things change.

Here’s what I’m consuming today:

  • Pancakes – not so good
  • Dutch Chocolate Shake – surprisingly better than I imagined it would be
  • Peanut butter chocolate chip chewy bar – perfect for what I need right now
  • Soft Bake brownie
  • Lean and green meal
  • Pudding

Take Shape for Life

Tomorrow morning I start Take Shape for Life. Health is very important to me and something I struggle with every day. It’s not obvious that I have a problem with my weight because our culture is flush with obese people that make me look svelte.

Weight isn’t the problem, though. Health is the key. Weight game is just a symptom of bad habits. I know a lot of people that are skinny but really unhealthy.

I’m concerned with my internal organs and my overall system. If I don’t change, I’ll eventually have issues like my relatives. It’s all preventable so, I’m doing something to prevent it.

I called my friend and old boss Marcus recently and asked for help. He set me up on an eating plan and my job is stick with it and avoid all the shit I’m used to consuming. I also have to drink a ton of water. 100 ounces, to be exact.

I thought it would be good to journal some thoughts and feelings as I go so I’ll do that here.

I don’t know what to expect. Last year I juiced. I watched the film Fat Sick and Nearly Dead while I was lying in bed ill. I rolled over and bought a juicer.

I lasted 7 days on just a juice diet. It was a great experience and not easy by any means. I’m not a fan of vegetables. I have mental block when it comes to eating them. Fortunately, Sandy, my fiancĂ© has been helping me with her wonderful cooking abilities.

The experience I had juicing was overall positive. I was hungry a lot and I did get a huge energy boost. Whether it was placebo or just a lack of shitty chemicals in body, I did feel great. In the film the host does it for 60 days. He lost a ton of weight and reversed a lot of the medical conditions he developed from eating terribly.

Although I’m serious about getting healthy, my wedding in two months is definitely a factor in this. I hate the way I look in photos. I hate it because I can easily see how I’ve let my body get away from me. I’m not 20 anymore and don’t have the time to just work off the weight. But that’s not even the problem anyway.

I’ve got to change and it starts tomorrow. So I’m enjoying my last cup of coffee. I’m headed over to the Tin Fish for a couple of tacos and will enjoy them as I say good bye to healthy eating.

Hopefully in 2 months there will be a plethora of posts about how amazing I’m feeling and what a positive experience it’s been.

Starting at Zero

I’ve always had ideas and dreams of being a business owner. I’ve always thought I have the brains for running a business. I see strategies in my head clearly and can handle adversity fairly well.

In addition, I have some useful skills building interfaces on the web and with WordPress to create processes for customers that are crucial for business. Want to hook up a payment gateway with an order form? No problem. I can do that easily.

All those skills are great, but they’re worthless and time is just wasted if you don’t have customers coming to your door. I’m at ground zero with my first real business, WP Setup. It’s a little scary.

I feel like it’s thinking you know how to swim, but having never been to a pool, you just don’t know if you can actually swim until you jump in.

I think I’ll be fine. It will be tough not having a ton of time but I’m ok with that. I need to push forward and do this. I don’t want to make other people money. I want to provide for myself, my family and hopefully find success.

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