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Bryan Monzon

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Goals 2015

Here are a few things I’d like to accomplish in the new year in no particular order, except the first one. That one is important.

  • Learn to be an awesome husband
  • Race a 4-5 Sprint & Olympic triathlons
  • Sign up for a Half-ironman distance race
  • Run a half-marathon
  • Coach 10 beginner triathletes
  • Get Victory TRI off the ground and running
  • Improve spending and eating habits

Nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary here. I mostly want to get back involved in the triathlon and endurance community. It’s been a long year with a lot of life change.


I reached my goal last week of getting below 180 pounds. It was just in time for my bachelor party weekend in which I gained a few of those back. It’s a good feeling to come this far. Now, it’s time to work my ass off and continue to maintain and even lose more.

2015 Focus

My birthday is in a couple of days and that means Christmas and the end of the year are just around the corner. I’ve always liked reflecting and thinking about the next year a bit earlier than most. This year is a lot different in that I’m getting married in just over 3 weeks

On a walk today with my fiancé and our dog I mentioned some things I’ve been thinking about for 2015. Other than us being married, I’ve been thinking about life and career stuff.  This year has been consumed with planning a proposal and our subsequent wedding. Those of you who are married or engaged, you know how much time and energy that takes.

So here are some thing I’m focusing on this year.

Fifty & Fifty

This year I received a promotion at Fifty & Fifty. I am the new VP of Engineering and I have a lot of growing to do with this title. In terms of programming knowledge, I wouldn’t match up well against a lot of VP’s. The position is more than that though and that’s where I’m going to focus my energy. Those areas being management and motivation.

I certainly don’t feel the most qualified for the position, but that’s really never been the case with any job I’ve held at the beginning. I’ve always had a learning curve to overcome and this is no different.

Closing out this year I’ve already set up a structure for our small department and a framework for our team to grow in. I decided on pay scales and job descriptions and really made a lot of headway there. I’m pretty stocked with the progress, to be honest.

WP Setup

My idea with the business was to do quick WordPress setups with as little hassle as possible. But when it comes to websites and setting up, there’s never a hassle-free experience. Later in the year we started transitioning over to more of a subscription and support model. A good and sustainable decision in my opinion.

Recently Chris and I met about the business and it went great. We decided to flip our roles in the company. He would take the lead to grow the business and I would offer advanced support to him. It makes total sense with all my responsibility with Fifty & Fifty. He’s quite motivated to grow the business and doesn’t enjoy his current job enough to commit to it long-term.

I’m all about finding your passion and spending your time there. We’re looking to get up to 30 subscriptions as soon as possible and he’ll be completely self-sufficient after that. I’m excited for Chris and where he will take the business. I will still have an important role within the company, I’m just not going to drive the ship.

Tri Coaches

Here’s where things get interesting for me. My good friend James Pearson once asked me “if money was not a concern, what would you do with your life?”. My answer was coaching. I love coaching and helping people achieve their goals. I knew early on in life that I would be a much better coach/teach than I would ever be an athletes. Though, my hope was to be a professional athlete, of course.

Life got a little crazy and the responsibility of it crept up on me. I went to school. Traveled the world a bit and started a career. As a 23 year old elite athlete, I never would have imagined all of things I would have accomplished by age 30.

I also never would have imagined the amount of weight I would have gained and a job in an office with no windows. It wasn’t my style. At the end of my 20’s I started doing triathlons to help lose weight. I fell in love with the sport but have suffered a lot of injury/illness setbacks. Nevertheless, I’m still motivated to train, compete and now coach.

Earlier this year I went to Santa Fe, New Mexico to get certified to coach by USAT. I completed and passed all of my tests. With all of the planning this year, I had no time to coach and start that business.

In 2015 I would like to kickstart my coaching career. I’m a little insecure about my ability to coach cycling and running so there has been some hesitation coaching in those areas. That’s just an excuse I’ll have to get over as well all the other one’s I’m sure to think up.

Here are some things I want to get going in January:

  • Land some Sprint/Olympic distance athletes to coach
  • Put together a plan for my business online
  • Put on one swim clinic at some point
  • Focus on learning more about training people on the bike and on the run


Last week I joined an online business community called Fizzle. It’s a growing community of people starting businesses (mostly on the side like me) and their tagline includes them not letting me quit. That’s a really good and helpful thing. There are a lot of great concepts and resources that are useful for individuals trying to run all the parts of their show.

Now what?

The answer is simple. Now, I get married, head off on a honeymoon and start chasing my dream. There isn’t much else to worry about until January 1, 2015. This year was jam packed with life-change and it’s time to really focus and execute some of the small things in my life in order to pursue my passion for coaching sports (not just coders).

Day 27 – Getting Healthy

It’s been a while since I’ve updated here. I’m on cruise control these days and I don’t think about my diet too much now. I’ve fully acclimated to >1,000 calories per day and quite bland food.

One of the interesting things is that I don’t crave delicious food as much as I did early on. I’m quite content with little 100 calorie meals. It’s easier.

I get a lot of apologies about what other people order and it really doesn’t phase me anymore. What other people don’t realize is that this is my reality right now, I (nor my body) don’t expect to taste or eat a lot of bad food.

I suppose having a hard deadline like my wedding is a great motivator. I’m good with things like that. I’ve never missed a deadline when building websites and when I was a swimmer, my deadline was the “big race”. I like the challenge and it motivates me to stick with the task at hand.

Here are the quick numbers since I started the diet.

  • Started at 207.6 lbs October 22nd
  • Lost +9lbs the first week.
  • Today I weighed in at 188.2
  • I’ve lost a total of 19.4 pounds
  • I’m fitting into all my clothes now
  • Shirts don’t bunch in my armpits anymore.

I guess low calories and a sugarless diet can help you lose weight quite fast.

Day 10 – Energy

I weighed in at 198.0 pounds this morning. A week ago Wednesday, I weighed 207.6 pounds. Losing nine and a half pounds in that short of time is pretty awesome. It’s pretty motivating.

Something very interesting I’ve experienced doing this diet an increase in energy. Now, like many things in the english language, energy comes in many different forms.

For example, I don’t feel tired often. At night, I know it’s time to sleep but other than that, I have energy. Now, if I were to try and run, I would fall over because my diet is less than 1,000 calories and I don’t have energy. When I wake up in the morning, my mind is clear and I don’t experience any lag in my thinking.

I don’t know what the difference is scientifically, but it’s a remarkable feeling to spend all day at work and still have all kinds of mental and physical energy to do other things in my day.

When this diet is over, I have to give up sugar. I have to be diligent in making sure it’s not in my diet. I don’t know if sugar is the exact reason for my usual sluggishness, but I know it doesn’t help. So it’s gotta go.

It won’t be easy, but I don’t want to lose this feeling. I almost feel youthful again.

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