On December 26th I started a streak that, so far, I'm quite proud to have accomplished. It's nothing major nor noteworthy. But it's good for me, personally, and I think that's most important.

Sandy got me an Apple Watch for my birthday. I had been wearing a Garmin from triathlon days so it wasn't unfamiliar. I liked being able to see my steps and view some texts on my Garmin, but I didn't really realize the impact the Apple Watch would have on me.

While this isn't about the tech, I just want to point out that the Apple Watch, as I'd expect, has great software. It's familiar and it makes sense. With a screen as small as the watch, everything is very simple and it doesn't trying to do too much. It only tries to make like a little more convenient.

Activity Rings

The activity rings drive me crazy...in the best possible way. I'm obssessed with my 48 day streak (all I have left is my stand goal today) and I have made it a priority since December 26th. It's really just a small nudge and the fact that I can see my streak in all its glory in the app is super motivating.

My move goal is 690 calories, my excerise goal is 30 minutes, and my stand goal is 12 hours.

At first, hitting 30 minutes and 690 was tough. I work at a standing desk so, that's pretty much—although the watch sometimes thinks I'm sitting or not moving when I'm at my computer for a while. I started doing a bit of walking and that made 690 easier to hit, but I'd find myself going out for a 10pm walk to get it all the way to the goal.

In January, when I was back at work, I made the decision to wake up early and walk before work. I'd get up at 5:30am and do my 30 minutes before the kiddo got up and took over. Very quickly after starting that habit, my internal clock would wake me up earlier and I'd want to walk for longer.

Today I was up at 4:30am. Not because I wanted to hustle, but because I genuinely like getting up and being outside to start the morning. It's refreshing, it's peaceful, and it's good for my mental health.

One last cool thing. Typically, I'm an idiot and when I decide to get in shape, I go out and run way too hard and I injure myself within a couple of weeks. What the watch has done for me is made my goals smaller and more attainable. Every day, walk for 30 minutes and do enough activity to burn 690 calories. That's it. It hasn't needed to be anything more than that.

What started as a game to close the rings is now a streak I want to keep as long as I'm not sick or traveling...which will be tested next weekend in Portland where it's colder and rainier than San Diego.