I did it. I finally made the leap away from WordPress and built this site with the static site generator, Jigsaw.

Before I get into the details I'll explain why I moved away from old dependable WordPress to Jigsaw.

Why Make The Change

The main reason is I like to tinker with new stuff. Since I don't have much going on with this site, I figured, why not?

WordPress is great. It's great for the value it provides. I'd use it most of the time for clients who need a CMS and blog. It has the admin system set up already and all of the conveniences you'll ever need to edit content.

The reality is, I simply don't need WordPress. While it is great, it's a bit overkill for me. I have no need for a database, plugins, comments, nor themes. I don't care about SEO or multiple users. I just want to write and have it show up simply. Oh and I want the site to run fast without having to resort to caching plugins and third-party services like Cloudflare.

Jigsaw isn't easy for the everyday (non-developer) to set up. So this isn't for everyone. But it's great for me. There aren't themes available so I used TailwindCSS to style the site. You need to know how to use Laravel's blade templating syntax and a little bit of the command line.

The site is now hosted for free on Netlify. It has an incredible amount of features for static sites like forms and some access control. I don't need that stuff, but it's nice to have if needed. Really, I enjoy the build flow. When I push to Github, Netlify takes the changes and rebuilds the site and deploys all for me.

I'm pretty excited about the new set up. I've been less than consistent writing, so hopefully this kickstarts me a bit. Regardless, it was a fun project nonetheless and I learned quite a bit.