Wow. It's been a while since I've updated this site. Things are hectic to say the least and they're not going to slow down any time soon as we're expecting kiddo #2 anytime over the next 3-4 weeks.

The experience this time around has been slightly different than our first child. We're so busy chasing our toddler that this pregnancy has seemed to fly by. Our daughter is rambunctious and extremely active. I wouldn't have it any other way but it's an exhaustive task keeping up with her.

We're so excited to meet our daughter but we could use another month to finish her room and all.

Work (the new chapter)

I've got a new job! Believe it or not, I've moved on from the only job I've ever had in tech after 9 years (to the day). It's bittersweet but after almost 3 months being here at my company, Cordial, I am at peace with my decision.

So what do I do?

My official title is Senior Support Engineer and what that means is I chase down bugs in our various apps. It's a perfect role for me to grow into. While I have a lot of experience writing code, it's much different to solve real-world problems in an app at scale.

At Cordial we send a lot of email. It's really dynamic and powerful. It's a tool I wish we had at Fifty & Fifty because of it's flexibility and use of real-time data. So getting to peek behind the curtain and see how everything operates and has been educational to say the least.



Overall my health is decent. I've gained weight but been in the process of losing it again. I joined a gym (Orangetheory Fitness). I'm eating healthy and am making strides towards being where I was a couple of years ago. This shit is hard. Sugar is good!

OTF has been a fun addition. I go at 5am—because that's only time I can. What I like about OTF is that it feels like my old college swimming days minus freezing our asses off jumping in the pool. I love the structure and the focus on my heart rate. I'm also like data so seeing graphs and charts are motivating.


I've been on new meds recently for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Humira, to be exact. You've likely seen their commercials featuring old people between plays on Sundays. I'm not that old but Humira and rheumatology appointments make me feel old as dirt. Whatever it's working and that's all that matters.

The last number of months have been glorious. I've had minimal pain and swelling in my hands. I can shake person's hand without wincing and things like running and lifting weights are possible again. Most importantly, I can toss my daughter in the air and catch her without any hint of pain. I'm looking forward to playing catch with her.

That's it for now. I just felt like writing something other than steps to reproduce bugs or test plans. If you read this, let me know :)