I remember around 1990 thinking about the future and wondering about how weird it will be to live in the year 2000, 2010, and 2020.

We're almost to that last one and it's crazy to me. In 1990 broadband internet didn't exist and if you didn't wake up in time on Saturday mornings, you may never get to see the cartoons that aired. There was no DVR or Hulu so I just got over it and played outside.

This year we're going to meet our second daughter. I'm pretty excited about it. I knew always wanted kids and having the first has been everything I would have hoped it to be. I think a second will be challenging but every bit as fun.

For me personally, I'm interested in being a little more creative with my work. How that pans out, we'll see. I'm not ready to write about the specifics but I'm thinking a lot about what it means to me.

Health is yet another area for me to focus in. With the kiddo coming, I want to be prepared for the exhaustion that comes with it. Before Quinn was born, I lost weight as well. When you're in the middle of it all you just try to keep your energy up and get through the tough parts. Being 30 pounds lighter will be helpful to deal with those strains.

So far I'm about 15 pounds down. I've been doing the eating program I usually do except this time, I'm getting a lot more activity in. Typically I overdo the activity, get hurt, and then discouraged. So I'm just walking and getting my heart rate up to at least 120 for at least 30 minutes a day. Since December 26, I've not missed a day. Using the activity monitor on my Apple Watch has been very helpful.

Lastly, in 2019, I'm working on my RBF (resting bitch face). I tend not to smile because I'm deep in thought or when seeing someone on the street, I'll assume they don't recognize me and so I won't say hi. I'm trying to be more friendly and outgoing but staying true to me. In short, I'm trying to change my default state a bit.